Ambubachi Puja and Mela 2015 at Kamakhya Temple

The annual Ambubachi Puja would be held at Kamakhya Temple from June 22 to June 26, 2015. Around 10 Lakh devotees from every corners of the country are expected to visit the temple on the occasion of Ambubachi Mela. Many foreigners from countries like Germany, United States are also expected to visit the Temple during the 4 day long Ambubachi Puja. Last year around eight lakh people, including many foreigners had visited the temple during the Puja.

District Administration (Kamrup Metropolitan Authority) is making adequate arrangements for the pilgrims and tourists visiting the temple during the Ambubachi Puja. It will set up 4 camps to provide shelter and accommodation to visitors in th the wake of huge rush. These camps are located at temple premises, near Kamakhya railway station, near Pandu river port and Sonaram High School field.

As per reports, around 16 ‘bhandaras’ would be providing food to devotees. The food at these bhandaras are provided free of cost, with a provision of voluntary monetary contribution.

The Administration has also engaged around 700 volunteers for making proper arrangements during the 4 day long Ambubachi Puja.

Tips to Pilgrims

Ambubachi Puja/Mela witnesses an unprecedented rush of visitors during the 4 days. The cost of various items, services near the Kamakhya Temple and on Nilachal Hill increased manifold due to this. According to our estimates the prices of rooms in hotels/lodges over the hilltop increases by more than 10 times during these 4 days.It is advised to the visitors to look for accommodation in the Guwahati City itself, rather than looking for the same near the Temple. You may also find a place in the Government organized camps.

For food, Langars provide good quality food. There are various eateries available on the hill top which provide good quality food.

For Transportation to and fro the temple, Government is arranging free bus rides. In case you are unable to avail the same, always look for Assam Tourism Department (ASTDC) Buses. These are cheap means of transport.

Shared trekker service is frequently available between Guwahati and Kamakhya Temple.