Cheap Hotels near Kamakhya Temple

There are no Hotels on Nilachal Hills on which Kamakhya Temple is located, however several hotels are available down at Guwahati.

Prashanti Lodge or Lalita Kanta Yatri Nivas (Tourist Home),  is the only facility on Nilachal hill where you can enjoy the comfort of living in a Hotel. It offers double bed, triple bed rooms as well as a master suite.

However there are several lodges at Kamakhya Dham, where you get really good accommodation at cheap rates.Below are few of them.

5 thoughts on “Cheap Hotels near Kamakhya Temple

  1. Anjan De

    I want to book Prashanti Lodge( Lalita Kanta Yatri Nivas, Near kamakhya Temple) under Assam Tourism.Our Check in Date is 13.03.2015 and Check out Date is 15.03.2015

    Let me inform Booking Process as yearly as possible.

  2. Sanjay Singh

    I need to book room for 3adult above 18 years and two child below 18 years of age – at Nilachal Hills near Kamakhya Temple. Please let me know the booking process .

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Sankar Sen

      We are the four members, like yo go Guwahati, On the way interested to pray puza in Kamakhyya Temple. So we stay their half day on 29.05.18. KIndly let me know the rate of lodge and the booking procedure.


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